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“Say cheese … sorry, I mean ‘Sieg Heil!’ ”


Kev, referring to the colour photograph of you giving a nazi salute, is this another one of the propaganda tricks being used on that hate blog against you on the internet, or is there more to it?  Were you ever a member of the BNP as they are suggesting?  Were you just posing at their annual get-togethers for fun?  Or is there perhaps more to it.  Also I would like to know just who is “Raggerty” (if you are allowed to say) and are you indeed working on a book about your life story and how much will be you be saying about your apparent support for the third Reich? Sue Lees

Hi Sue,

Thanks for your question. I have received many similar questions in the last few days.

First let me assure everyone that I have never in my life been a member of or supported the BNP. Interestingly however the person who is trying to slur me with this label is himself a member of the BNP although he does not of course use his real name or address. Let me explain something at the onset which this person (known affectionately by his many ‘fans’ across the internet as ‘Bonky’) knows full and is attempting to exploit:  there is only one group of people which members of racehate organisations despise even more than ethnic minorities – and that is people who have betrayed or abandoned their cause, and as they see it one’s race. 

This does not apply to me, as I have never subscribed to their cause, or their ‘Great Christian nation’ as Sean Manchester and his braindead sidekick Keith refer to it. Neither have I ever idolised the third reich. But by deflecting his own nationalism and fascism onto myself, Sean (who is in reality describing himself, not me) is attempting to a) damage my reputation, b) salvage his own and c) bring down the wrath of those who militantly oppose a multicultural society on myself and my friends and family.

He has been trying to ‘slur’ me to this effect; ever since I severed our friendship and exposed his nazi leanings on this blog. This has infamously included my publication of images of Sean posing for photographs in a secret nazi shrine that he normally keeps concealed from guests to his house.  As I explained in my last entry here, on my last visit to his house in 2007 with my wife Bev, I was invited into his room where we took some photographs of our own (which I published here) and also another person (a friend of this  person “Sean”) also took some of their own photographs in this room which they have not yet seen fit to publish.

But back to the contentious photograph of myself published on one of Sean’s hateblogs in the last week. I am not going to insult my readers by coming up with some elaborate ruse to explain its existence. I was as surprised as anyone else not that it ‘surfaced’ but that it exists at all. Hence my decision not to amend or remove or backtrack on my original answer to Mr Boggins’ query about the Photoshopped version. I shall leave re-writing history to Sean.  My assumption that the image of me apparently giving a nazi salute was Photoshopped was based on the simple fact that I cannot remember ever having done so. I genuinely believed that it must have been a manufactured image, especially as Sean has a lot of previous for manipulating images in this way (he has in the last week admitted to editing the image in question at least twice viz blacking out the background etc, as if it wasn’t obvious that the flags etc were Photoshopped on anyway).

On this point people might query why he Photoshopped another image of me standing next to an image of Hitler taken in his own house, by making my face green. The targeted use of an image of my face next to Adolf Hitler, and the placement of a Union Jack with a swastika in the middle was clearly intended to associate me with fascism in the viewer’s perception. I am not sure what impact was intended by spraying my face green; whatever it was it was very childish, but I mention it as an illustration of Sean’s obsession with bad Photoshop. Whatever point Sean was trying to make is made even more nebulous by the fact that the Hitler portrait hangs on a wall in HIS nazi shrine – and yet he suddenly seems to think that portraits of Hitler are BAD things. Make up your mind Sean! 

But back to the nazi salute image. Why he didn’t just publish the photo unedited in the first place is beyond me. Although the answer, presumably, was that he hoped I would do exactly what I have done – write a defence which will make me appear to be a liar.

I have even asked people with technical knowledge to check that it is in fact NOT photoshopped; they have checked the EXIF data on the photo and did not see any Photoshop origins listed. So if it is a real photo, I suppose it must be me.

But please ask yourself this – if I remembered posing for that photo, I would be aware that Sean had the original and could produce it at anytime. So why would I risk presenting a false account, even if I wanted to? Why would I write an outraged blog entry about it? I am not stupid, nor am I mentally ill. I might be going a bit senile, in fact I rather wonder if I am in view of all this! Because I genuinely do not remember posing for that photograph. That might sound like a weak defence, but my only form of defence is having none, and relying on the truth to see me through. When I saw it, it made me feel physically sick

I have asked Bev about this, and she doesn’t remember me having an England running top like that either, but I suppose I must have had one; I have had hundreds of sporting tops over the years and have represented England in sporting events so I suppose it must be mine. Maybe it was given to me to wear when cycling for the England team, I don’t know. I challenge anyone to remember every item of clothing they have ever owned or worn!

‘I can see that, Kev’ you might be thinking, ‘but if I’D ever given a nazi salute I think I’d remember THAT.’ If I did it was solely done ‘in fun’ at the instructions of Sean who was always saying he wanted ‘atmospheric’ photographs. He is after all frequently boasting about what a good photographer he is. Not the funniest of jokes – in fact not funny at all. But it would have happened so fleetingly and was so meaningless to me that it made no meaningful  impression.

Which brings us on to another question I would  invite readers to ask themselves – just how did Sean come into possession of this photograph in the first place? He carefully avoids stating that he took it. And yet he seems to know what kind of camera it was taken with, and seems to have the rest of the sequence to hand. Could it be the case that he was in fact the photographer? The scene of the photograph is HIS front room after all, and I am standing next to HIS Christmas tree. 
If the nature of the photograph were as he makes out, i.e. that I am or was a fascist and am giving a nazi salute proudly and with intent, why would a Christian bishop entertain such a houseguest – at the holiest time of the year to boot?!  In front of his Christmas tree??!!  Is he suggesting that I would from time to time randomly leap up and give nazi salutes, from which Sean would recoil in horror, muttering prayers for the salvation of my soul? Just what IS he suggesting was going on that afternoon in Bournemouth? Did I invade his quiet little “bunkerlow” with a load of rabid BNP supporters who decided to hold an impromptu rally in his front room? 
Perhaps Sean himself would care to answer this. But I would just ask that he (haha!) answers truthfully and not with more lies and distortions. I can’t really ask for much more, readers, can I? Then you can further make up your own minds.

Could I remind people that I met Sean in 1974, when I got him a job as a lifeguard in a local north London swimming pool. We often used to train together. Even at that stage he used to demonstrate his leanings by shouting ‘Sieg Heil’ etc at me, but I didn’t take it seriously. Getting me to pose like that (he probably got the idea because of the England top) is exactly the kind of thing which Sean would do and then keep for ‘insurance’ to be used at a later date. In fact in I think May last year I alluded to Sean taking photographs as ‘insurance’ on this very blog! So perhaps this photograph is not such a surprise. I am not exonerating myself of all blame; it was a stupid thing to agree to do, would have been done on the spur of the moment and is highly regrettable. I also understand that it was a disrespectful and offensive action. But it was certainly not done with any genuine intentions.  Going along with Sean and posing for that photograph (and again reader please ask yourself – do I look comfortable and assertive in my action?) is something which I regret. He is a very hard person to say no to, especially in his own home. No excuse, I know. But it is not a mistake which I can undo, and it certainly does not present an accurate reflection of the real me then OR now. I can’t prove that to you. I can only hope that given the full context of the photo you will make a leap of faith in this matter – or, ideally, evaluate the probabilities and reach what I KNOW to be the truth.

The fact that someone who keeps a nazi shrine in his home and has appeared dressed in full nazi regalia in a national newspaper has the nerve to accuse ANYONE else of being a fascist certainly raises its own a priori considerations with regard to their credibility.

You also asked, Sue, ‘who is Raggerty’? And inquired about my forthcoming autobiography.

Well let me put these two questions together, as they really go as one.

Raggety is obviously the person who organises my blog. And my diary, and my contracts, and practically everything but my sock drawer! Not an evasion! But I do not think it would be appropriate to give his real name – at least not without his express permission. Poor old Raggety also has the misfortune to live extremely close to the Sean One, and I don’t think he would appreciate an ‘evangelising’ house call from his grace or one or more of his cronies! 
But the point is my autobiography IS going ahead, and obviously Raggety is helping me to organise it. Obviously Sean is not very pleased at this news, as it details our relationship from when I first met him way back in 1974. Of course this is only a minor aspect of my book, I can’t imagine anyone wanting to read chapters and chapters about that  whacko!

But in view of what has been published on the internet lately, I have had a good idea.
A lot of talk has been going on in public and behind the scenes about the idea of David Farrant, Sean Manchester and myself submitting to lie detector tests to establish exactly who is telling the truth. Aside from Sean’s slipperiness with regard to what he will and will not answer questions about, and who he will allow to administer such a test etc (basically anything to get out of it) one major delay seems to be getting the funding to proceed.

I’ve been doing quite a bit of research on this, and have found at least  independent polygraphers who are signed up with the British Polygraph Association and its associated codes of professional conduct, and are prepared to make a housecall to Bournemouth. I will be returning to the UK for a visit very shortly (when I shall also be attending to some very pressing legal matters which are not unrelated). If Sean really is so terribly outraged about the naked truths I have revealed about him on this blog, I would like to propose that he vindicate himself by paying for my lie detector test. And in the spirit of honour and gentlemanly conduct, I shall pay for his. If he is concerned about letting a stranger into the ‘Bunkerlow’, I will pay for an independent security team of his choice to attend and make sure that the evil polygrapher does him no harm – except the extraction of some truths which he would prefer stayed untold, and the exposure of alleged truths as lies.

To start off with, I have some questions which should be very easy for a Christian bishop to answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ truthfully with flying colours. I will be requesting that these questions are also asked of myself, with the exclusion of question 7 on the grounds of relevance.

They are:

1)      Have you ever used a proxy name and address to lend your headcount to the BNP membership, and / or to receive their literature?

2)      Have you ever received BNP literature from a third party?

3)      Do you have any contact with right wing groups who’s ideals you admire and emulate, for example but not limited to the BNP, the EDL, Stormfront, Combat 18?

4)      Do you believe in the innate supremacy of the ‘Aryan Race’?

5)      Do you wish that Hitler had won the war?

6)      Do you believe that Jews, Muslims Asians and Blacks are not equal to 'whites' and have no legitimate role as citizens with equal rights and opportunities in England today? 
7)      In your heart, do you really consider yourself to be a Christian, i.e. someone  who accepts Jesus Christ (a Jew) as the son of God made flesh and their Lord?

On a closing note, if I had been asked during a polygraph test last week if I had ever given a nazi salute and given the answer ‘No’, I would have passed, and that I honestly and solemnly swear on all that is dear to me.

What more can I say?


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