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Dear Kev.
About the hate blogs which have sprung up about you since your blog started up last year: I see there is a picture of you in an England shirt, apparently giving a nazi salute. With no disrespect or prejudice to the disabled intended, I notice that your right arm is significantly shorter than your left in this photo, and that your hand is the size of a small child’s. This is not the case in any other photos of yourself which I have seen. Do or did you ever suffer from a malformation of the right arm (possibly congenital) which has since been corrected? And if so, did this affect your sporting career in any way? I guess it did not affect it, else you would presumably have been swimming round in circles, not representing Britain in aquathlon championships.
Of course, given the heavy use of terribly executed photoshop attempts in the rest of the blog, another explanation could be that you were not giving a nazi salute with your suddenly disfigured right arm at all, but that the arm in question had been digitally ‘soldered on’.
Thanks for any explanation,
Mr A Boggins

Hi Mr Boggins, and thanks for your question. And really you have hit the nail on the head in your question. I most certainly was not giving – and HAVE NEVER GIVEN - a nazi salute in my life. On or OFF camera. It makes me cringe now, but Sean has told me in the past he has contacts with right wing and white supremacy groups, and that he had given out private details of people to such groups with a view to causing them inevitable harm. Further he added that if one ‘head case’ read it, they just might do something to the innocent people they were reading about … very sick

You mention Photoshop – and yes, you are quite right. I think anyone can see that ‘my’ right arm has been removed and replaced with a superimposed image of someone else’s arm. And as you point out, Sean’s Photoshop skills are pretty amateurish to say the least! As he has not even managed basic anatomical principles or how to align the right pixels and layers.  

However, it gets worse. Not only has he soldered on a false arm – but an entire torso. Within my memory, although I have had a whole load of sporting kits over the years,  I have never owned or worn an England football shirt/ jumper or whatever it is. If I remembered doing so I would say, and there would be no shame in that.  In fact, if you blow the photo up to 150% or so you can clearly see the fuzziness around my neckline – not visible in any other part of the photo where the ‘cut and shut’ has been more crudely executed. I suppose he is very proud of himself for adding some shadow, or using the original shadow around my head, in a composite of at least 2 if not 3 main body part images. But as usual he underestimates his peers’ intelligence (did  I mention that Sean considers no man worthy of being regarded as his peer?) by overlaying what would barely be believable as a genuine composite of myself with a load of roughly seamed together tat. 

The photo you are referring to is also littered with what appear to rather randomly stuck on images of the Union Jack and nazi insignia. If Sean REALLY had any photographic evidence of my alleged nazi and/or right wing leanings, why on earth would he need to Photoshop any additional images onto the photograph of me at all? (This in addition to poorly Photoshopping a nazi salute in the first place).

Strangely enough, in the past I have had ample opportunities to pose for Sean and Sarah’s ever present cameras in patriotic dress, but have always declined.
By this I make reference to the annual St George’s Day parties at Sean’s house. He makes quite a big deal out of these, and over the years has even begun declaring himself ‘Chairman’ of an imaginary society, the ‘League of St George’. When I first knew him these patriotic leanings were not so pronounced, but by the end of the ‘noughties’ he was annually festooning the inside and out of the house including his wife’s jeep with tacky England flags such as one sees during the World Cup, as well as increasingly encouraging all his guests to dress ‘appropriately’. Towards the end of our acquaintance it was getting very strange, and I was increasingly embarrassed by the looks the neighbours would give guests when arriving or departing. As he proudly shows, he even has some rather professional looking stock card printed oversized posters which he props up in the hall on such occasions; presumably left over from one rally or another.

But back to the Photoshopped image of myself – with the only genuine relics of my personage being my face and hat (which has an England football team logo such as one might find in any high street sports shop). Quite what supporting the England football team or being proud to be a subject of the Queen of England has to do with giving a Hitler salute is beyond me. But it seems that a connection between patriotism and nazism is natural for Sean, even when it involves warping the former to promote the latter.

But I think we all know the answer. It is SEAN who has been photographed in his OWN home, in HIS own nazi shrine, surrounded by images of the third reich and books and statuettes, glorifying their disgusting and inhumane acts which took place throughout Europe in the late 1930s through to the 1940s. He has been called to account on it, and failed miserably to explain or justify it – especially as a supposed Christian – and a ‘bishop’ no less!!! Don’t make me laugh. The photographs of Sean had no need of Photoshop. They speak for themselves. And now he is desperately trying to claw back some credibility by scrambling over my back and kicking his old friend in the teeth. His ego clearly disallows him from having even a basic comprehension of why I chose to no longer consider him my friend. Sean first, cause second, friends third (as long as they never question point a or point b.)  Unless they bequeath him a cottage in Wales. In which case being a drug addled, Sean besotted and dependent brainwashed glatzen is a fortunate advantage for all concerned – win : win!

Furthermore, I believe Raggety has already commented on the strange decision of Sean’s, regarding another of the weird images with which he peppers his pathetic hateblog about me, to make my face green (??!!) and display it next to an image of Hitler – framed and displayed IN HIS OWN HOUSE!!! Did I twist his arm to make him put this picture of the mass murdering anti-semitic nutjob scumbag on display in his house? I think not.

This is not the first time that I have known Sean to manipulate photographic images.

I remember him telling me about when he used to work for Jerome’s photography studio on Seven Sisters Road (he used to tell all the girls he was the owner but in reality he was just a darkroom assistant and general cleaner). He also worked as a milkman out of the Seven Sisters Road around this time, is there no end to the glamour??!! I knew he was doing photo altering as Eggmanne told me way back in 1974 …"He is the f***ing darkroom all day."  He and Eggmanne used to develop photographs after work at Sean’s Holloway Road flat next to that rowdy Irish pub there.
Some were of subject matter that I will not allude to yet. They were still working on their private projects together by the time Sean was living in Falkland Avenue in Finchley, circa early 1980s where I visited Sean many times. I was sometimes shown into the darkroom, and Sean boasted about how easy it was to manipulate original images.

I understand that he has attempted to put over one of these images as a bona fide decaying vampire. But more of that on another post!

But hold on Mr Boggins, and all the rest of you out there reading – because it GETS WORSE. Oh yes!

For I am also aware that Sean has posted a photograph of me (looking understandably pale, freaked out and uncomfortable) standing next to a large image of Adolf Hitler taken in a World War II museum. I visited this museum in Berlin with my wife Bev, and a couple of friends who we had made the acquaintance of through professional circles entirely unconnected to Sean. But as Sean has not worked legitimately for decades he has no professional circles anyway, so I suppose that should be taken as read. However it might be relevant to add at this point that the lady of the couple was Jewish, which whilst rendering her persona non grata at Chateau Bonky by default does give a rather more enlightening background to the contentious photo. Her husband also happens to be a high ranking CIA agent (seriously), but again this is something which Bonky failed to enquire about or take note of whilst illegally posting the photograph online. The image was taken using my camera, but I honestly can’t recall if it was the lady in question or Bev who took the photo. Regardless, it remains my copyright. And so the ever so Bonky plot thickens….

As planned we all went to the museum,  and I was in a group of 8; I think 3 of us were shot next to the picture you see, (he has cut them out the shot as he cut himself out of several pictures taken with me at Southbourne beach with arms folded upon his suggestion ‘for a laugh’ (Read: set up.))

You can see I am just standing there, looking rather uncomfortable; others were having shots down in a huge room with other figures from that time (the usual suspects). It was very busy (lots of people) and not at all dark and nasty and – most importantly - no nazi ghoul types were even allowed near the place. All tours had to be booked in advanced, and you were fully searched before going in. The Berlin authorities went through a phase where they tried to keep pictures from public eyes. The thinking changed and they wanted it out there … so all could see and learn from what happened.
You had to show ID or for overseas visitors (in my case) a passport. You had an official with your party ..... at all times... as part of the  visit rules. Photos were allowed. So really no big deal in the sense he has perverted it to be, but of course he has made it so,(and cut the other two people out the shot to make it look more intentional, meaningful and dramatic). I notice he also says I was a frequent visitor – I was NOT. Whilst I appreciated the historical and social significance of the museum (and as a military man I must admit I enjoyed the tank exhibits and so on much as I do those at the Imperial War Museum in London) it was a harrowing experience overall.

BUT, MR BOGGINS, you are no doubt wondering just how Bonky came by the photo in the first  place.  I did warn you that it gets worse!!!

After my trip Sean was very excited and insistent about seeing my souvenir photographs of the museum. So much so that he made a point of reminding me to bring them with me when I next visited his home – which I duly did. Much like Dracula, the Bonky One will accept no refusal when you are in his thrall. Additionally, I knew he was fascinated by WWII, and that he never takes a holiday and rarely leaves the house; so it seemed a kind thing to do at the time. Other people might show polite interest in someone’s holiday snaps from Southend. But no, Sean couldn’t resist the vicarious thrills of visiting a documented history of the third reich in Germany – and associated atrocities.

When I visited I always left my bag unattended in the hall, and this was where I returned the photos to after showing them to Sean as requested. I didn’t think anything of it at the time, I knew everyone present and the bag was safely locked inside the “Bunker-low” with the rest of us (I’ll explain about that another day!).  It was not until I saw the image of myself in the museum, presented on one of his hateblogs in such a misleading and repugnant fashion that it dawned on me – the photograph was no longer in the wallet with the others. It had myseriously disappeared, and somehow found its way into Sean’s scanner. What could possibly explain this mysterious occurance?

The answer is obvious in light of how he has tried to use it:

INSURANCE.  Lest Kev tell the world what really goes on in the house of Bonky – Kev can be branded as a nazi for visiting a museum, whereas the crazy cleric with a nazi shrine IN HIS OWN SPARE ROOM  gets away scot free. I don’t think so.

Out of the 40 or so photos which didn’t apport themselves from my bag onto Sean’s hateblog, it seems that the Southbourne poltergeist only chose to aquire and publish (without my permission) one solitary photograph. The one of me standing next to the image of Adolf Hitler. How convenient that it chose not to squirrel away the images of me standing next to Holocaust victims in the camps, or perhaps Sean just dislikes casting his eye over images which prick what (if anything) is left of his conscience.

Regarding the subject of ‘liberating’ personal possessions from people’s bags –another incident springs to mind. One which I now know never took place, and which I believe is what the psychologists would refer to as ‘projection’. I refer to Sean’s claim (which was made vociferously in my presence) that David Farrant had obtained Sean’s home address by surreptitiously rummaging through the late Diana Brewester’s handbag. I was utterly perplexed when at another dinner party rant Sean raved that Diana would never under any circumstances let Farrant into her home.

Farrant did not visit Di at home. Nor did he rummage through her handbag. Sean forgot to keep on top of his own lies, and royally contradicted himself in front of a table full of the SAME GUESTS but none of us stood up to him and challenged him as he raved ‘this man must be stopped!!!’.  Now I wish I had. There was only one thief in the equasion, and I now know who he is as I hope my readers do.  Like most of Sean’s lies, the Brewester handbag myth had some basis in truth – but he had perverted his own role in its origins to fit his own fantasy world.

But getting back to ‘Germany-Gate’… separately from the aforementioned trip to Berlin, I was in Germany whilst in the army, with British Forces Posted Overseas (BFPO). Sean knows this and wrote to me there many times; he was raving with excitement as I was where "he"  (Adolf Hitler) had been. I just put this down to his enthusiasm about World War II history, although I did find it a bit morbid to say the least. I remember he was particularly excited because when I was there Rudolph Hess was still in Spandau (they pulled the prison down when he died).

The silly thing is that if there was the slightest whiff that one had nazi leanings when in the army one would be jailed, and yet Sean has rewritten my whole military career to make me out to be some kind of treasonous fascist turncoat – despite having a perfectly clean military record.

Regarding Sean’s implications that I have anything whatsoever to do with nazism, this can only really be understood as the desperate ravings of one man with a very disturbed mind. Just for the record, Mr Boggins – and I am not going to boast – I have the utmost respect and loyalty for Queen and country. Does this render me right wing by default? I don’t think so.  When I joined the British Army to defend my Queen and country  I swore allegiance to my Queen, and denoted that I was prepared to die for my country in times of war (something armchair patriot Sean has never had the guts to do). I am heavily involved with the Help For Heroes charity and, having military friends, when in the UK I visit military UK bases with full clearance.

This is directly connected with the fact that when I signed up to defend my country I also signed the Official Secrets Act, and my full military records are kept (as is the general formality) at Whitehall.  It would be inappropriate to go into any detail as to the nature of my military and governmental involvements, suffice to say that any attempts to falsely link me with fascist behaviour would – should they be taken remotely seriously - lead to a full inquiry – which would in turn lead to my exoneration and the prosecution of those accusing me. The MOD’s immediate access to the IP address of a silly old man posting under a string of ridiculously named sock puppets on the internet hardly needs pointing out. Ditto any attempts to use proxy servers or hired internet ‘cyber thugs’. Seriously, I welcome anyone who genuinely believes me capable of the tendencies portrayed by Sean in his hateblogs and those of his aliases to report me to the British security services and see how far they get. I WELCOME it. I have nothing to hide. I wait with baited breath for the day when the British Embassy calls me up in Dubai because MI5 would 'like a chat'. I can't wait. Sean and his internet gossip, aliases (Hi Veb!) and personal attacks would cut no ice with these people..

The lie detector test which I have volunteered to take part in regarding all aspects of my former friendship with Sean and all of his allegations about me sounds like an excellent idea, and I would be happy to participate. The idiot writing these lies about me on the internet has a lot to hide, and the relevant authorities have powers to detain without charge. There is nothing they cannot bring up on him in a few keystrokes; political affiliations (more on that to come!) aliases, the works.

So I suggest that we let Sean keep larging it up, if that is what he wants to bring upon his own balding head. I do not sit behind a computer all day, churning out all this nonsensical stuff about nazism which I personally regard as an evil thing from the past which should be left there, and which I want nothing to do with. Let him keep posting his badly Photoshopped images of me and his irrelevant goose-stepping photographs. Soon it could be him who finds himself indulging Her Majesty’s Pleasure. I am sure some of her agents would be interested in his autobiographical works (unpublished in print) detailing his fascination with right wing extremists in 1960s London. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more! Filing cabinets full of it, bringing things right up to the present day. Or rather - memory sticks. Oh yes, memory sticks alright. Perhaps the extremity of Bonky’s political debauchery will actually lead to the employment of a full time member of staff should this inevitable inquiry escalate!

Anyway Mr Boggins I hope this has answered your question. In short, no I have never had a deformed right arm, swum in circles, or given a nazi salute!


P.S. – Are you the same Boggins who used to have a line in painting and decorating? Or should I say, knew a couple of people who did? Got any questions about that for Bonky's lie detector test? L'chaim, my friend!

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