Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Hello everyone Raggety here..


First and without delay...thank you, thank you … for your many emails since the first blogs went up. Let me state firstly that these have not been forgotten. I did originally advise Kev to hold back on revealing too much of his vast archive of memories – including the sometimes hilarious illustrations which accompany these – but now we feel the time has come to share these joys with the world at large in their entirety. Indeed – now Kev and I have a bit more time on our hands he intends to begin answering them all for you forthwith. Today, in fact!

Kev and I have been busy around various countries with triathlon coaching business. I have, although I admit not been attentive to the blog, been diligent in monitoring for Kev all the lies told about him on the internet. And have more importantly been monitoring all the interest in Kev’s career and his forthcoming autobiography, serialised in part on the original blogs. And now we are BACK – with answers to all your questions, updates on Kev, his work for me and the travels of many months.

But back to your emails, which have come in from the UK and Europe, and from as far afield as the USA, Australia and New Zealand. Again, we both thank you all for the many queries which we will start to answer here with frequent blogs to cover all your many questions.

I hope you all know you can trust us when we assure you that the content of your emails which are not intended for publication, as well as – of course – your personal information - will be kept private.

If anyone else out there has any questions for Kev then please do fire away –we promise to keep this blog updated as often as possible, and are wading through Kev's bulging mailsack as we type ...



Indeed, kindly post your question, query or concern on this blog's comments (immediately below) and Kev shall address it here. He only asks that you do not refrain from posting links to other sites where these are relevant, and do not feel the need to sign off with your real Christian name ~ or your name in full should you prefer ~ rather than post anonymously. Sign off however you like! Kev has no reason to harvest your personal information, unlike some more Bonky people out there!



But enough of that. Now … let us begin, 



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  1. I gotta say I can't wait to see what else Herr Manny's been up to....I've got a feeling it's gonna make very interesting reading.....not to mention causing some teeth to gnash in Bournemouth. .... Nice work guys :-)