Desert Island Discs with Kev *NEW*

The late and great Roy Plomley - enjoying a scene not unreminiscent of Kev on a day off - only mineral water by his side though, of course! (c) BBC (World Service)

Raggety here..

Pip,pip …and lets lighten the blog here … First off everyone...I (Raggety) am not all the names put to me on the Internet ... I am Kev’s boss and although he works for me he is a friend.

Many of the emails we have received have been from people in the sporting world and in general, wanting to know more about Kev. It seems people out there seem to find him quite an interesting chap! Kev said no at first, but I explained that it would help to let people know about him and would just give the blog a little bit of fun.

And having tempted him though with cherished recollections of his old favourite, Desert Island Discs, he was persuaded to let me play Plommers and give him a probe.

So over to Kev........

Kev could you please tell the following...and limit to 5 on each.

Your 5 favourite books ...

1.         Ancient Wisdom Modern World......his Holiness the Dalai Lama.

2.         The Story Of My Experiments With Truth....Mahatma Gandhi

3.         Long Walk To Freedom.....Nelson Mandela

4.         A Sparrows Flight............Lord Hailsham

5.         Success In Sport And Life.......Percy Cerutty

Your 5 films …

1.         Rashomon....Akira Kurosawa

2 .        Seven Samauri....Akira Kurosawa

3.         The Big Blue............Luc Beeson

4.         The Third Man.........Carol Reed

5.         Field Of Dreams....Phil Alden

Your 5 favourite current i pod tunes… (yes – Kev does technology!!!)

1.         Over The Rainbow.....Israel Kamakawiwo

2.         The Circle Game.....Joni Mitchell

3.         Show Me The Place.....Leonard Cohen

4.         Maybe There,s A World......Yusuf

5.         Sigh No More..............Mumford And Son

Your 5 favourite all time TV programmes

1.         Robin Of Sherwood............Michael Praed

2 .        Sherlock Holmes......Jerermy Brett

3 .        Brideshead Revisited.....Jeremy Irons

4.         Morse.....John Thaw

5.         Hancocks Half Hour......Tony Hancock

Question ... what does your work see you do and anything related to it?

There are established qualifications that one needs.
These can months or even years to gain depending on the level you wish to reach.

The qualifications are required by anyone you might work for or if setting up your own business.
Most are on-going in that you have to update and show you are active using the qualifications by keeping records.

Here is a list that I have and that I have used and do so.
These were taken in the UK, the standards set in the UK  are high and usually  the qualifications are accepted anywhere outside the UK.

In brief..

Swimming teaching.

Swimming coaching for competitive swimmers

Athletics (running) and cycling

Personal trainer



My day at work can vary, it could be a 05-00 swim at the pool.
Also it could include taking running and cycling groups.

At some locations it is more of a fitness holiday. That is the triathlon side, more for  the beginner .
The main area I work with in Dubai is age group athletes and they are at an advanced level.

I will update my blog more often and will mention the last year that has been so busy.
The reason was my boss (yes you Raggety) wanted to see all locations operating at best in all areas.

My travels last year include these locations where we now have full set-up running businesses (in each): Torremolinos (Malaga Spain) ... Sri Lanka ... Cyprus ... Gibraltar ... Gran Canaria … current base is Dubai. It’s a hard life!!! For now, Kev.

Thanks Kev! If only everyone’s experiments with the truth were as positive as Ghandi’s!  


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