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"Raggety :  Can I ask you or Kev more about Sean [..........]'s Nazi room?"  Mr X, Colchester, UK

Hi Mr X,

Wow that is a broad question, but not one I am surprised to be asked. As you have not been very specific I shall just mention a few things to begin with regarding Sean’s nazi room which might clarify a few points. By the way – can I just ask that people do not use a capital letter when using the word nazi? 

As you can see from the photos, the nazi room bookshelves are packed with nazi books.
There are occult books there as Sean was deep into the occult when we first met .As far as I know this is still so.

He used to insist on being called "magister", indeed many of his letters were signed "magister". I never quite knew why. I have these still,  also signed photos of Sean with hand written notes on them from "magister". Not “ ‘the’ magister,” just “magister”. All very odd. By the number of books on the occult there it seems he still has more than a passing interest.

After the publication on my blog of the images of Sean in his nazi shrine, the reasons Sean began inventing for the room’s existence soon started escalating on a daily basis. He seemed to be working on the principal that if he came up with as many reasons as he could think of one might sound plausible.

The list grew and grew. In an attempt to cover what any viewer with a shred of intellect could see for himself, and hardly miss. Let us look at just a few.

We were informed by Sean initially that what we were looking at were 21st century history books. There were of course none there of a general nature, they were simply books about nazism and the occult.

Then we learn that Sean runs a business from his house selling these items. Interesting news for you all I’m sure !!! And especially interesting for an alleged man of the cloth.

Then it changes to having friends buy them for his grace as presents, and him not wanting to dispose of them. He did not of course have to build a library to show them !! But he does not want you to mention that.

Then the next on the endless list is....Kev bought them!! Oh really!!-news to me.

Let me state this:  I have NEVER bought or given Sean a nazi book (or any book on the occult.)

NEVER have I even bought a book such as you see in his packed shelves.

I can mention though that Sean has given ME numerous books, many of which are currently in safekeeping in north London.

Within many of these books are hand written notes.

One book which might be of particular interest was given to me in 2007 after the nazi room ‘private view’.
The title of the book is HATE, and it is by William H Schmaltz. It is a book about George Lincoln Rockwell, a US nazi. With it Sean gave me a copy of the obituary of one John Tyndall who died in 2005. He says in an accompanying note that this obituary was posted on one of the numerous websites/blogs that he used on the day of his death in July 2005.

This aside, it seems then in the deluded world of Sean that I (Kev) bought the books !!

Well if I did, returning to my earlier point,  why did Sean feel the need to build his huge library to hold them??? Did I perhaps threaten grave consequences if he did not display them? Maybe I made surprise visits and checked they were there on display ?? I do try to inject a little humour at this juncture, wry though it may be because I am aware there is a dark side here, but the reasons given are just plain ridiculous.

If the reasons given above were not bizarre enough -  that I was buying him nazi books for years -it now seems (in the world according to Sean) I was buying Sean clothing emblazoned with Third Reich imagery ??! Does he see me as some kind of mother figure I ask myself? As some kind of demented right wing personal tailor?

But then it gets worse. He seemed especially self conscious about the nazi eagle on a plinth of some kind with the initials SM calligraphed in a wreath beneath. Now it seems i bought that!! Or presumably commissioned it. Quite how I could commission it IN HIS OWN HANDWRITING beggars belief.

Photograph of a curse 'allegedly' sent by Sean to Nathalie Sarazin, a journalist who was less than enthusiastic about promoting his vampire theories in France. Politely signed SM. Nathalie was naturally amused rather than disturbed        (c) Jean-Paul Bourre  Image of nazi eagle on left (c) Kev Chesham

Nonsense of course but shows to me the desperate attempts to wiggle out of the obvious facts.
Why does he wear the shirt?? Has he sold that too along with the rest of his supposed shop?... Of course not.

There are many, many other questions about the nazi room which have been put to me, and I hope that your answer is covered more fully when I get on to the rest of the emails on this topic. Oh and there are many!

Thanks for your interest,

Until next time, Kev.

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