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Kev and Bev - Dubai Triathlon

Beat you to it Raggety with own blog post!  Lets see how I manage, computers are not really my thing as you all know, my day is very physical and I am really...."cream-crackered"!! at days end.
Hence I do not then wish to sit down at a computer.But Ahmad has put his pizza down for 10 minutes to help me with the pics from the memory stick.

I wanted to get these pictures up and do a personal update and about the Dubai Triathlon.
The weather here in Dubai has moved up from Winter!!!  At 25 ish to does this, just jumps up. Never a spring really just straight to summer.
The best is to come?? We will be 40 plus soon..,wow it really is “boilsville” … when it goes over 40, as you can see:

Lots of official pictures and all the rankings.

It was alike a war-zone!! The heat kicked up to 38c and the humidity was severe so many racing suffered de-hydration or near to it.
Left many walking on the run section.
Walking and drinking at every drinks station..
In the photo below with me on the beach/sand..that is really not posed for...I was near passing out on the run.

Kev racing on Mamzar Beach: 

 The swim was lovely as the lake (which is salt water as it is pumped from the nearby sea) one we train in.

Bev about to get back in the water during the Triathlon

We do swim/run/swim/run training here as it is so lovely. To explain that a little...we would swim half a mile then run 2 miles (that is straight out the water shoes on and off we go) .. then back shoes off, swim half mile again..etc etc 4 times is usual.

What a beautiful beach to race on!

 Bev won the ladies - she won all sorts of stuff… first in the sprint at 1:21:45,  and first for her age range too but must not talk about a ladies age! 

Bev with bike

Kev cycling

Below: My wife Bev being awarded her trophy - first in the Ladies. 

Me I was 4th  in the race overall out of 275 starters, but won the "old-mans" race (50-59) …  see pic below taken on Mamzar Beach. I wonder if Jimmy Saville would be jealous of my bling?

May vanish again from computers but there is still not a routine due to the huge changes to the company over the last few weeks. But having a great time out here. Might even invite you over Raggety yes if I am in one place long enough! About things in England - Also hope that your huge efforts re the blog can keep getting more information out so it makes life more difficult for him to pedal his amazing lies. I saw what you put from my email to you on the last blog, which is fine it is best that people hear it from the horse's mouth so to speak.
A lifetime of doing this will make it difficult for him to stop..and he must be hating me now even more than David so he will be looking for some way to attack.
He can only come back with more lies and more outrageous tales in any attempt to defame me so as to make himself come over as Mr Nice-Guy when as usual it is just him posting under aliases with badly made up pictures of myself. It seems that his lies and his attempts to go so far in lying to cover himself have fallen flat this is so good to hear. Can I take it he has been so stupid that no one can take him seriously? And that he has been seen to be lying (big-time?) I am very pleased indeed to see that he has gone to ground. Although he must be thinking of some fairy tale to extract himself from the present situation. Maybe he will see from my blog that he is small fry to me, stuck in his little world which no one else cares  about.  Let him say what he wants, at least it keeps his mind off all the many many other people out there who he seeks to cause damage to in his malice. 


Will check for emails in the next few days in Dubai as I have no work (for once)..we are moving offices but all that is done by hired help.

I will email family and friends at an internet cafe or borrow someone’s laptop.

Then I will be busy and probably no computer stuff for a few weeks.

For now lets see if this reaches..
Please could you let me know? And bye for now to everyone else too, back home,

PS below is my impression of a certain eggs and bacon coach telling me to run vaster!! 
Not really actually I do not know what I was doing in this photo but thought someone out there might appreciate it - maybe I was catching flies???????!!

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  1. P.S. For Raggety I have seen the article by Gareth you saved as you said in your email. I had all of Bonky's books Gareth talks about - but I think they might ... have ended up on a bonfire somehow by now!!! As the person I gave them to was not...very fond of them ... and said he felt like throwing them out the window only he did not want them to knock out a passer by with the sheer... weight of all their fairytale plagirisings!!