Monday, 6 May 2013

Kev’s coming back to the UK!

Gotcha at last, me ol' mucker!

Hi all, Raggety here.

Good news! My good friend and colleague (and the subject of this very blog) Kevin Chesham, will be returning to England in the next few weeks, for a prolonged business and pleasure trip.

Kev will largely be staying with me in Boscombe, as we have a major company reshuffle to oversee together, including operations across the UAE and beyond. He will be joined by many of my other top ranking staff, for an intensive couple of months. But it won’t be all work and no play. Although there might be a bit of rough and tumble involved, you know how these business things go sometimes! But on the plus side Kev will have plenty of time to deserve a well deserved holiday by the sea, and still have plenty of time for recreation such as racing, cycling and running! Not that Kev needs to get any fitter; he’s a wall of muscle now, with all the training he has just completed in Dubai. I know that our cold and dismal beaches are nothing compared to the glorious waterfront tracks which Kev enjoys every morning over there, but they do have their own unique charms and attractions. And scenery! I mean, all those picturesque clifftops for one thing, and the blissful fresh sea air and silence when no one else is around, and all one can hear is one’s own thoughts…

Kev has got loads of things to be getting on with on the personal front while he is here, including retrieving boxes of letters and memory sticks from storage, as well as catching up with old friends of course. The training schedule here will not be slack, and has to factored in around meetings and conference calls. Indeed, as a team exercise we all run along the south coast each day, favouring one particular route for our morning run along the Overcliff Drive.

Well this route came up in conversation with Kev today and so I asked Kev his thoughts about it, bearing in mind that it means that he will inadvertently find himself on a daily basis within 100 yards of a certain person (who never leaves the house) who has stated on the internet that if Kev was in the UK he would want some stern words with him about his excommunication from this person’s ‘church’ and to justify himself as a leftie ‘Judas Iscariot’. Well Kev could hardly attend all those Sunday services in the Bunkerlow whilst living in Saudi Arabia, could he? Bit of a long trip on the offchance that a service might actually ever happen. And they never even bothered to offer Kev’s airfare either. Well we were having a bit of a laugh about that, but Kev didn’t surprise me when he said that if this person genuinely wants to offer his ‘stern words’ to Kev’s face then Kev is more than happy to oblige. Kev would love to clear up the apparent misunderstanding that he is only speaking his truths from the 'safety' of Dubai - when he is in reality more than happy to say them in person face to face, on record, and answer any commentary about them. There will be approximately 43 opportunities for when Kev’s ‘ticking off’ can be scheduled. Distance and communication are not a problem, and Kev can be contacted in this regard via this blog’s confidential comment function, or by emailing . Four or five witnesses would of course be required. Kev has various questions about the behaviour of this devout person about which he himself would like explanations. Which he is sure this person will be happy to give in front of witnesses. He has nothing to hide or be ashamed of, after all, surely??? Presumably his misguided hateblogs are sanctioned by his friends, family, neighbours and ‘church’ so he won’t mind discussing them in person? Maybe he'd even like to join in a training session for old times' sake!

And surely with open and honest communication, even the Bournemouth Superpower can find the goodness which he once saw and manipulated so readily in his now-Saudi ‘comrade’ of yore???  After all, all Kev did was tell the truth, which is a Christian value to be extolled at all times.

Kev is also very excited, because while he’s in the UK he will also have a chance to discuss his pending and now almost completed autobiography. Bit difficult to do that from UAE with all the communication difficulties, but now he will have a chance to go and sort things out in person. However, even with the prospect of a working holiday coming up, Kev will be glad to get back to a cooler climate for a change.

Signing off now but will update soon,


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