Monday, 11 March 2013

The Mysterious Mr Mandeville

Hello everyone, Raggety here. Sorry for the long break, but it has been very hard to pin Kev down lately! I know I am not the only person to have had this problem, as our office in Dubai were in fits recently about a certain Bonky person’s attempts to harass Kev at his place of work. But no worry – they all know what to expect and how to deal with it if ‘that English nutter in a teapot cosy’ tries to darken their sunny, Middle Eastern doors.

Anyway, I was going through some old emails of Kev and Bev’s, which I have in safe storage here in Boscombe (and in safe online storage as well, obviously). And one name caught my eye. One Mr Sean Mandeville. A possible relation of the famous Geoffrey de Mandeville of Barnet fame I wondered? Apparently he is no closer related to the originator of these strange and menacing emails than their real author is to Lord Byron. But here is what Kev had to say about it in a recent online chat with myself …..

Q          Kev, you have mentioned a Sean Mandeville, an unknown person who sent you emails. When did these emails start?

A          Around the time that David Farrant posted on his website he was to visit me at my London flat for Christmas dinner. The first email arrived the morning that DF posted the blog about the Christmas invite from me

Q          So you then had an email come through to you from Sean Mandeville?

A started...............Dear Kevin Chesham you do not know me but..........then went on

Q          Do you think you know who sent it?

A          No. I did not know this person  but as I had begun receiving odd letters to my private home address I thought that my email had also been passed to "certain people" ...and this ‘Sean Mandeville’ person had got my email that way.

Q          What was the content? Was it threatening?

A          The first few emails did not threaten as such but were "warnings" about me meeting David Farrant. Suggesting that he was a violent man and I would be in "danger" if I met him.

Q          Did you email back to this person (Mr Mandeville) as they were after all a complete stranger?

A          Well I did not reply as I thought something was not quite right - but did not want to respond.

Q          Did you receive more emails?

A          Yes...There was a daily email that kept saying I would be in " Danger." That i should not meet David Farrant. Then it changed. It started saying if I met DF it would be best if I did not mention any private conversations with    ***************   ( a certain person!!)

Q          Kev are you not going to say who Mandeville stated you were not to speak about to DF?

A          Correct, I will not say the name Mandeville mentioned (I defer to my legal team who are in possession of said emails in that regard) but he did say that if I did (mention the person to DF) then I could expect unpleasant consequences (blogs) to be posted on the internet.

Q          So, all was nice to start as you were being warned of "danger" but then it changed?

A          It started nice but the real Mandeville came out. Gone was the "threat of danger" which I was informed would come my way via DF, and it was now replaced with threats of blogs/internet postings against me if I revealed traits and aspects of a certain person and if  shared "information" and "photos."

Q          It is sounding a bit dark. But may I ask did you meet DF?

A          Yes David came round for Christmas dinner. Before that though he had posted another blog on his website. This caused a flurry of emails from Mandeville. Saying "you have been told" (not to meet DF) ... so the stranger was now trying to dictate to me via email as to what I was to do or not to do.

Q          Kev it sounds familiar! !f you get my drift? So you are still saying to me Kev you did not know who was sending you the emails??

A          Ha ha.......look: I am saying I had (here they are you can see them) emails from Sean Mandeville a person I have never met. He did know a lot about me and it appeared he knew more about David. I did not reply. Also they did not reach a point where a legal situation was required.
The emails were worded carefully.

Q          So Kev, David has xmas dinner with you?

A          Yes

Q          What happened next?

A          The next day there were blogs posted about our dinner. So the threats of these by Sean Mandeville proved to be correct. Since then there have been more or less daily blogs on me .

Q          You are not the only person to have had hate-blogs; there are others (no names here but there are quite a number) who have met a certain person!!  Then the pattern starts ... the falling out, then the person is subjected to hate-blogs by a number of "names" attached to these blogs on the internet. So you fall in to this now.

A          Yes I do but with more than the usual  hate blogging ... I took to blogging, myself, to expose the person for what he really is and has been for at least 40 years.

I knew what would happen but felt it was worth it so decent people could see .

It has been difficult as so much hate comes out of this person. It was well hidden from me for many years but it came out when the nazi shrine was shown and the person came right out from then was unpleasant to watch but it forced me to break contact … the rest you know now.

Q          Does Mandeville ever email?

A          Not Mandeville but I have had other "names" email me ... old Manders must be surfing the internet these days, maybe barging into forums to try and have them shut down or telling people what to do and what not to do.

I do wonder whatever happened to Mr Mandeville? Perhaps he is taking tea and crumpets in Southbourne with Messers Vambery, Hastehufvud, and Thane. His IP address certainly indicates that they share an office together in the Bunkerlow. There is a lot that Kev could mention about Mr Thane, and his great legal acumen. But that will have to wait for another Kev-erview.

So for now (and don’t forget that you can always ask questions!)


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