Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Raggety Speaks!

Hullo all. As a personal friend of Kev’s,  and somebody who has had a professional relationship with him for many years now, I think its about time I introduced myself here to readers of this blog.  In this respect, I have acted  in a sort of PA capacity and advisor to Kev’s strenuous work commitments which, among many other things,  involve coaching and competing in triathalon  races, and representing the UK.   

As may have already been gathered from his writings and photographs that illustrate  the first page of his blog, Kev’s interest and ‘on the ground’ activities in sporting events is a dedicated one; although, with typical modesty, he will often not list his numerous achievements.   For example in the European triathlon championships in 2011 he was the winner of the championship held in Ponteveda, Spain; came 2nd in another  held in Switzerland and 3rd in yet another held in France.  His life is certainly not a ‘quiet’ one, and we should remember, of course, that events such as these require weeks – if not months - of dedicated practice and training.  Yet, as a Buddhist, maybe Kev enjoyed a slight advantage here. It was perhaps not so difficult for him to adopt a lifestyle that encompasses a need for healthy living and self-discipline in the place of normal routine and idle pleasure. 

But to get back to my own ‘intrusion’ on this blog (well not really, he did give me permission to divulge a special interest I have here!);  for the past 18 months or so, I have been proof reading a manuscript Kev has been compiling about his own life and career.  I have been especially privileged to read this manuscript which has been put together in the limited spare time he can occasionally find from his schedules.  The book is really in the form of a ‘diary of events’,  and deals not only with his professional lifestyle,  but events and experiences in his personal life which might otherwise have been lost had it not been for my insistence!  There is much in his manuscript (not yet completed)  that tells the story of other aspects of his life,  and how he invariably came to discover -  albeit reluctantly – the true intentions and motivations of other people, one of whom he once considered to be a friend but whose later actions resulted in the ultimate betrayal.

Yet all that is perhaps best placed in his book.  I am just a chum.  Though one – whom I hope –  will be allowed to give away part of his story.  Indeed, I have already done that much by contributing this short Introduction! . . .


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