Monday, 6 May 2013

Kev’s coming back to the UK!

Gotcha at last, me ol' mucker!

Hi all, Raggety here.

Good news! My good friend and colleague (and the subject of this very blog) Kevin Chesham, will be returning to England in the next few weeks, for a prolonged business and pleasure trip.

Kev will largely be staying with me in Boscombe, as we have a major company reshuffle to oversee together, including operations across the UAE and beyond. He will be joined by many of my other top ranking staff, for an intensive couple of months. But it won’t be all work and no play. Although there might be a bit of rough and tumble involved, you know how these business things go sometimes! But on the plus side Kev will have plenty of time to deserve a well deserved holiday by the sea, and still have plenty of time for recreation such as racing, cycling and running! Not that Kev needs to get any fitter; he’s a wall of muscle now, with all the training he has just completed in Dubai. I know that our cold and dismal beaches are nothing compared to the glorious waterfront tracks which Kev enjoys every morning over there, but they do have their own unique charms and attractions. And scenery! I mean, all those picturesque clifftops for one thing, and the blissful fresh sea air and silence when no one else is around, and all one can hear is one’s own thoughts…

Kev has got loads of things to be getting on with on the personal front while he is here, including retrieving boxes of letters and memory sticks from storage, as well as catching up with old friends of course. The training schedule here will not be slack, and has to factored in around meetings and conference calls. Indeed, as a team exercise we all run along the south coast each day, favouring one particular route for our morning run along the Overcliff Drive.

Well this route came up in conversation with Kev today and so I asked Kev his thoughts about it, bearing in mind that it means that he will inadvertently find himself on a daily basis within 100 yards of a certain person (who never leaves the house) who has stated on the internet that if Kev was in the UK he would want some stern words with him about his excommunication from this person’s ‘church’ and to justify himself as a leftie ‘Judas Iscariot’. Well Kev could hardly attend all those Sunday services in the Bunkerlow whilst living in Saudi Arabia, could he? Bit of a long trip on the offchance that a service might actually ever happen. And they never even bothered to offer Kev’s airfare either. Well we were having a bit of a laugh about that, but Kev didn’t surprise me when he said that if this person genuinely wants to offer his ‘stern words’ to Kev’s face then Kev is more than happy to oblige. Kev would love to clear up the apparent misunderstanding that he is only speaking his truths from the 'safety' of Dubai - when he is in reality more than happy to say them in person face to face, on record, and answer any commentary about them. There will be approximately 43 opportunities for when Kev’s ‘ticking off’ can be scheduled. Distance and communication are not a problem, and Kev can be contacted in this regard via this blog’s confidential comment function, or by emailing . Four or five witnesses would of course be required. Kev has various questions about the behaviour of this devout person about which he himself would like explanations. Which he is sure this person will be happy to give in front of witnesses. He has nothing to hide or be ashamed of, after all, surely??? Presumably his misguided hateblogs are sanctioned by his friends, family, neighbours and ‘church’ so he won’t mind discussing them in person? Maybe he'd even like to join in a training session for old times' sake!

And surely with open and honest communication, even the Bournemouth Superpower can find the goodness which he once saw and manipulated so readily in his now-Saudi ‘comrade’ of yore???  After all, all Kev did was tell the truth, which is a Christian value to be extolled at all times.

Kev is also very excited, because while he’s in the UK he will also have a chance to discuss his pending and now almost completed autobiography. Bit difficult to do that from UAE with all the communication difficulties, but now he will have a chance to go and sort things out in person. However, even with the prospect of a working holiday coming up, Kev will be glad to get back to a cooler climate for a change.

Signing off now but will update soon,


Saturday, 27 April 2013

That Naughty Dubai Vampire - contributed by "Sir Spliff"

News in is that the new book about that naughty Dubai vampire is going well.

Inside sources can reveal some parts and chapters already taking shape...

Our investigative reporter the lesser-admired Sir Spliff (of Swallow Falls) has gone undercover to give you this story.

Over to Sir Spliff..........

(c) Kev Chesham / Magister Productions

Oh Man that blow was heavy...oh man! What day is it?  Am I still alive? Any wine going man?...oh I’m there man ... lets go!

Okay; the Dubai vampire...yeah man; I have got into Dubai and found out some heavy-stuff man ... Wow! Man it is hot here 45c ..okay..
Like this book - right, is about - like a vampire that lives in Dubai ... Okay man; first off, it is seriously hot out here and no decent vampire would cope with it.
So it looks straight away like a hoax (sound familiar folks?)

I am not here to put the book down man but give a spliff-head a break on this ... look here at some of the claims the Dubai vampire is onto man.

One - he bites people ... ho ho pass me some more Mexican-Gold dude...........(wow! that was bonkers-heavy man) ... so right; we have a vamp that bites .., and  I can see the pen marks guys!! ha  ha caught them out ... they must think you out there are stupid if you believe this tosh (they have to get up early to con Sir Spliff!! ....of Swallow Falls) Remember my title and use it you peasants. Now I once used the old pen marks to fake some fang bites on an old-flame of mine ... a real pro-fakers job it was too (or am I not supposed to say that??) I am getting confused again man ... where’s the Mexican? I need a top-up.

The local school in Dubai had a competition to make up a funny mask and that seems to be in the book now ... I mean, man ... what a hoax and we have not reached chapter 2 yet guys!! Me, I’m the paper mache expert and copyright is mine (oh no man was I not supposed to say that too?)

The author of this hoax-book says he has already staked a few vamps in Dubai!! Oh really; well this investigative reporter (yours truly, Sir Spliff ) is not to be fooled I can tell you.

How can this author steak a vampire I ask? He is a vegetarian?? [ed – eerrr, Sir Spliff, sorry to butt in but could you ease up on the Mexican Gold?? It is STAKE not Steak as in food]

...oh yeah of course(thanks man) well then I shall resume........;
Now if you are going to believe this crap what does it tell you about the people involved? They are a bunch of con artists and will be forever that. I think they may well go on to be complete b/s merchants..

What gets me guys is that I (Sir Spliff) have tracked down the author, (well nearly – I’m in the right country at least)  a certain...[ed – ‘comrade’ Kev] who used to be our own..."Brother Kevin in the struggle" .. as we called him and emailed him and wrote to him in such terms (now the evil one) who exposed a friend of mine who should be World President, not exposed for what it he is behind his constructed image.

So how can we believe a book on Vampires by Comrade Kev ?? But your loving reporter (Sir Spliff of Swallow Falls) has  even more damning news about  Comrade Kev … I will try my best to tell you this but my emotions are such I can just about type this .. [ed - Sir Spliff sorry to bother you again but the Mexican Gold is wearing off try some wine then you can get back to babbling your thick head off]

...oh! Sorry I dribbled over myself, in anticipation of the red nectar dropping down my gaping gob.

Guys, guys, guys - that ‘Comrade’ Kev is going to FRANCHISE the vampie gig all round the world! What a capitalist venture that my good friend Herman Goering .. (well not his real name but he is as fat as Goering so I thought it would fit!) the only one to con people and earn on guys...

  You can now buy a franchise (Kev’s calling a ‘Fangchise’ the commie desert rat)  and have your own ‘area vampire’ … you might like the "Tokyo Terror" or maybe ... the “Bournemouth Bloodsucker” - you can also now buy stick on tattoo vampire my pen marking days are numbered ... no need for me to pen mark vampire bites when you can get a stick-on tattoo. I better find something else to do to make myself indispensible, apart from keeping  my trap shut and leaving Goering my house in my will. Since the mother in law struck him off he’s been really persistent about that …
To your reporter (Sir Spliff) this smacks of a con from start to finish.
I refer you back to this joker staking a vampire ... I mean man, this Comade Kev is not even a "Magister" … he didn’t even want to be an acolyte … so how can he mess with things occult-ish?

He goes swimming, cycling and running what time does he have to do the occult gig?

My good friend "Magister" does though, he has all the time in the world since he joined the ranks of the great unwashed. He is the dogs-bollocks on occult stuff guys ... and what bollocks! He is full of it I can tell you.

Hey guys, sorry to interrupt this bulletin but I think I better lie low a little bit now … there’s some dudes coming over all dressed in black carrying batons and riot shields and giving my lunchbox the eye … I think they want some of my special cake man … wow things are getting heavy, don’t they know I am English and can do what I like??? “God and King Richard!” I shall cry …. Man that didn’t go down too well …  signing off … need time to clear my head man … better lie down and get some R and R … got to catch some ZZzzzzs …need time to plan … just got to get Kev back to Bournemouth somehow … my promotion depends on it … your insipid reporter …. Sir Spliff

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

From Boscombe to Boston

Hi everyone Raggety here.

In a few weeks I will have the heads of my sporting business outlets with me here in Boscombe. It is an annual meeting where we all get together. The company infrastructure is being changed and the major changes will be finalised for the coming year.

Getting the heads of each country together is tricky as we are so busy and we are in Sri Lanka, Malaga(Spain), Pathos(Cyprus), Gran Canaria, the Middle East, including Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Abu Dhabi and base HQ in Dubai.

I was once very overweight. Not something new as many of us have a time when we may put on weight. Having met Kev years ago when I could not walk up the stairs at home without puffing; with his help I am now the lean Ironman triathlete and marathon runner.

So a few weeks ago I was near to getting ready for my next marathon.

Not London this year for me but I flew out to Boston for the great historic Boston Marathon.

What happened you have seen day after day on your TV screens. I will not go over the tragedy, but would like to share with you my thoughts on this.

The people who did this (it appears at present), were not unlike other such incidents we have known.

A belief they are right and others are wrong. Then having come to that belief they feel they are in some way justified to  harm other human beings.

I sent an email to my good friend Kev. A grown man and I felt helpless about the deaths and about the horrible injuries to many others that the bomb caused.

Kev sent a reply that made a huge impact on me! He said he people of the USA are special. He said “go out of your hotel!!..and go down the street and talk to them.”

I found myself half-dazed walking along the street where there were police and military everywhere. Sirens and noise and flashing lights.

Then I just said good morning to a group of Bostonians.

They all looked at me and said “You from the UK?” Then from that moment I was hit with wave after wave of kindness. "Are you okay?" "Did you finish the marathon before the bomb?" “Are you here alone?"
I then found myself invited to dinner by these complete strangers.

I attended dinner with a large group who like many in Boston were trying to deal with the shock. It was though I was some guest of honour. At times I was near to tears as they kept asking if I was okay at my hotel and that I could stay with them.

Well this story and my night with my new friends in Boston could go on.

I would like tho to end there for now and add some thoughts I have.

Kev once knew someone who posted on his website derogatory things about the USA. Saying they started wars and more.

This same person thought that the Nazi regime that started the second world war was okay, that they could do that and that was fine; even saying that Britain should not have gone to war to defend herself and her allies

He said this on a computer. Hiding, as he always does in his house. He can do this because the USA and Britain and many others do not allow regimes such as the Nazi regime to carry out what they do. That is - kill innocent  people who not agree with their viewpoint and do not do as they are told.
He can sit behind his computer as the people who fought for the rights he likes to use (but wants to take from others) sacrificed their lives for him and us.

Kev’s father was one of these brave people who truly represent Britain – that is the right for free speech and asylum from regimes which seek to destroy and silence those who defend diversity. He fought in the second world war, and Kev has served his country too with his stint in the army (full time) then after back in civilian life he was a reservist for many years. Perhaps the fact that this ‘preacher’ of hate’s father was a conscientious objector during that war and walked around all day in pyjamas helped mold his strange ideas about what being British is all about.

For to then boast to his old friend he has passed on names of people he does not like (as they disagree with him) to right wing groups shows what he is!

Then when Kev told him where to go after being told about this, he is then informed that all details about him were being passed on to such groups.

I am thankful to our UK security for keeping a vigilance for us.
The people like the one Kev knew who were prepared to make contact with these groups not only  undermine national security, they actually want people to be hurt just because they have a view and you disagree and must not be allowed to express it.
It is very dark and indeed it can frighten you just thinking about it.

To end I go back to Boston.

I reached the UK and could not think of how I could say "thank you." Do I send an email to the Whitehouse?
Would President Obama want to hear that I wondered.

Then I knew what I had to do!

Next year I am going back to run the Boston Marathon. To me is a way for me to truly say thank you USA and thank you to Boston.


Tuesday, 16 April 2013

" 'Ow Many Today Missus?"

Mr Mandeville’s "Milkfloat Memoirs"  or " 'Ow Many Today Missus?" ... soon to be self-published (as usual) 

Sean Mandeville the famous emailer of all people using the internet is set to put his long un-awaited memoirs into a self-published book or e-book.

‘Twas with heavy heart though that he sat down with quill and ink (or possibly “byro”) to compose his memoirs of days gone in old-blighty … days when Benny Hill was top of the hit parade with "Ernie The Fastest Milkman In The West"; when your good old "milkie" would greet his customers with Pentax 35 mm and ask you if you could chuck up a good old salute..for a bit "of fun, ha ha ha … laugh me old matey". Then, when handing over your gold top milk bottle swear to you he would not put them on the internet when it was invented!!!!

When old "Rupert" (Mandeville’s dear milkfloat’s) would strain up Highgate Hill West towards the Highgate Cemetery. The Vamps lapped up Mandy’s gold top. Everyday he would visit the vampires at Highgate, and it was strictly first name terms in those days I can tell you.

“You know,” (Mandy told them one day) “I’m going to write a book on you lot one of these days, but I need a book to copy from first. Then adjust paragraphs and sell it to some mugs. 
I have a great chum called Macca who is a real spliff of a laugh and does what he is told. Plus he has a girlfriend who is "game for a laugh", and likes to have fang-bite-marks painted on her neck with a pen.

Then I shall copy out (but care to change those old paragraphs to avoid that old banana skin??..copyright...) some garbage and, presto! Sell some.

Then I could become a legend (in my own mind ... difficult I admit as I lack one), and no one will laugh at me in tea shop anymore.

The world will be told of my adventures with Rupert (my beloved milkfloat.) Damn though ... Damn the day they sacked me and took Rupert from me!!!  (sorry I was overcome with emotion then).
I overslept after watching a late showing of my fave ever film, Norman Wisdom in the “Early Bird”. Got a “late for work” and was sacked, and Rupert taken from me.

It was any excuse for a duel in those days, I can tell you. Everyone was at it!

But there was more to this than met the eye. Kevin loves Leonard Cohen ... so it is  obvious that Kevin had me sacked from my milk round in Seven Sisters Road. With his love of Cohen it is clear that Kevin even at such a tender age had been trained in Tel-Aviv by Mossad, in "Milk-Sabotage." I knew this as my customers complained that their Goldtop had been opened and the cream taken. The Buddhist, people-loving liberal Kevin was to blame. He said at the time "I think it is the starlings and sparrows, " but I knew the truth which is why I spent so many years investigating him undercover whilst pretending to be his ‘friend’. Apart from Leonard Cohen, on Kevin’s Facebook (he blocked me after the visit to my shrine, the cad) ... he openly admits he admires Martin Luther King, Gandhi and other black or immigrant types..
I knew then I had to carry out a long term vendetta against people who did not do as I said and wanted – and did not treat me with the respect I obviously deserve. It was a start of a lifelong war  against the human race (except my good chum Macca of ...fangs-fame) who knew too many secrets of mine to enable me to dump the thicko.

I started sending letters to peoples homes ...I liked that as I could not be held accountable and could hide (my fave ever trick of all time actually) away and not be seen.

I bought my first nazi uniform and stood to attention for hours in my bedroom. My bedroom mirror was actually a full length job. The Co-op (Holloway Road) were doing a nice line of full length mirrors, so I bought a real corker.... and; did I look lovely in my uniform or what?? But I had to claim copyright and have it banned for fear of you peasants seeing it. Fear not though, as I had my dear old friend (now a hate-blogged friend but aren’t most of them?) dress up in the uniform too, and the photo I took of him well ... I am proud to show you that plus the usual never ending blogs of how evil he is and how wonderful I am. Thanks for the photo Johnny.

Then we come to the person I thought so much of !!!!!!!!!!!!
He was the subject of many blogs from me ... how wonderful he was (Do you remember? How I used to praise him ?), how his photos were the centre piece of a book I more or less copied (but being a clever sausage I changed the paragraphs a bit) ... but what happened?? After 37 years of working on him when I really went for the "kill" and tried to get him to join the ranks and voices of the dead battalions, he told me to stick it ...well I had a photo of him ha ha ... he forgot about it.  Unlike JP he would not dress up but one day I said “oh ... go on … just a quick salute for a laugh” !! Guess what folks? He did ... GOT HIM ... but lol when I published it he said he was sorry and people believed him.
How could they not believe me? I’m so cuddly!

Now you all know that I have admitted going to meetings with Oswald Mosley in the 60s, and  have seen me at my house in a semi-uniform. Well I then of course was in love with the whole thing. Now it has been a lifetime of love.
I really want to post the photo of me looking quite bloody lovely actually in ss uniform
The reason I have had it banned from the internet is that I am trying to come over all sweet and moist and jolly nice, old chap, therefore photos like that I can only post of people I have caught out ... ha ha I am clever you know. That friend who hates anything right wing (now another hate-blogged ‘friend’) would only ever do one stupid salute. Look at his face!! It took me 37 years of my precious time to get him to do that. Ha ha I knew I had him then.
Imagine my horror and anger when I posted it and thought everyone would say it was....I....who was the good boy … and yet EVERYONE still thinks I’m the Nazi ??!!!

Well I can tell you I have a few names in my black book line up for some pretty nasty hate-blogs

I went to meetings with the great Sir Oswald Mosley, and knew then that my milkman days were over and that I was destined for greater things ... but first I joined a few witches in Highgate to see if the old spells that this lot do actually work.
“Magister” !! I demanded to be called.......I have always wanted a title, any title really; Lord Twat perhaps, or Magister as that would scare the pants off some people ... not “Adolf the merchant banker” though - it used to really hurt my feelings when the boys at the baths called me that, although I didn’t mind the Adolf part one bit!

Of course if anyone does not call me by my title (whatever I may be using at the time) ... I punch his lights out ... oooppss!! I mean … eerr … pax vobiscum, bless you my son, and I am kind.

A few words on my great friend, my benefactor in will ... RASPUTIN. Now Ras (to his friends) lives at "Spliff-on-Sea". His daily medicine requires this ... with a brain-cell count now at a "Guinness Book Of Records Winning Entry” (below- double figures level) which is just how I prefer him. Phew!! What a man!!

Now a word on my ex-friend of 4 decades........... and now a murderer and many other things which I am trying to think of to call him, then post on a blog....

See the enclosed photos as proof of how shocking he is.
Kev is now in his 60th year, and see the photo of him winning the Dubai triathlon at Mamazar Beach Park..( for full results) Now I know ... mwah ha ha … that the evil one lives at Mamzar Park his details may have to be posted (again) along with some nicely photo-shopped pics.

This man, pictured in March 2013 with my secret spy camera, is clearly a THUG!

Here he is again, doubtless chasing some harmless old fascist down the street, or should I say dirt track - haven't they learned how to build roads over there yet?  

Anyway; see how the over 50 guys he beat all look like Kev ...lean fit etc, but no they are all good friends of Lance Amstrong and have been seen out together......well!...Need I say more?

Satanists the lot of them!! Buyer beware!! 
It is not because they lead a strict lifestyle with no drugs and booze and all that organic health food stuff. Satan is at work within these athletic forms, I can assure you of that.  Tis the blood of virgins which helps retain their youthful good looks. Oh yes, this merry band have all sold their souls, which rot in the attic of their lifespan on earth like the Picture of Dorian Gray, storing all their preternatural evil which cannot be seen with the human eye.
Now you take Rasputin (no one else will). See how robust he looks ! ! Me !! I hear you say ... beached whale you say ... at 16 stone I am near to my old ballet dance weight!

See the photo taken by Kev at the 60th birthday of Rasputin. Note the athletic shape, the muscle definition of countless hours of training.

Spliff on Sea at 60 - (c) Kev Chesham

Note now Kev at 60 ...see how he looks!! Now I know you will say Rasputin looks like he has too many visits to Spliff-on-Sea and Kev looks excellent for his age etc. But NO you must believe only ME..I, Mandeville will tell YOU what YOU see, so you don’t need to waste time thinking for yourself ... only I matter so anyone who does not agree can email me then I will write back to you using various names,  and if you still do not believe me I will write a few hateblogs about you..

Milkfloat Memoirs ... that is me for now folks ... "Milkie Mandeville" ...photographer of anyone I can con to give a salute or put on a uniform ... turns me on matey (the only thing that does!!)

Coming soon to a W.H. Smith near you.

Monday, 11 March 2013

The Mysterious Mr Mandeville

Hello everyone, Raggety here. Sorry for the long break, but it has been very hard to pin Kev down lately! I know I am not the only person to have had this problem, as our office in Dubai were in fits recently about a certain Bonky person’s attempts to harass Kev at his place of work. But no worry – they all know what to expect and how to deal with it if ‘that English nutter in a teapot cosy’ tries to darken their sunny, Middle Eastern doors.

Anyway, I was going through some old emails of Kev and Bev’s, which I have in safe storage here in Boscombe (and in safe online storage as well, obviously). And one name caught my eye. One Mr Sean Mandeville. A possible relation of the famous Geoffrey de Mandeville of Barnet fame I wondered? Apparently he is no closer related to the originator of these strange and menacing emails than their real author is to Lord Byron. But here is what Kev had to say about it in a recent online chat with myself …..

Q          Kev, you have mentioned a Sean Mandeville, an unknown person who sent you emails. When did these emails start?

A          Around the time that David Farrant posted on his website he was to visit me at my London flat for Christmas dinner. The first email arrived the morning that DF posted the blog about the Christmas invite from me

Q          So you then had an email come through to you from Sean Mandeville?

A started...............Dear Kevin Chesham you do not know me but..........then went on

Q          Do you think you know who sent it?

A          No. I did not know this person  but as I had begun receiving odd letters to my private home address I thought that my email had also been passed to "certain people" ...and this ‘Sean Mandeville’ person had got my email that way.

Q          What was the content? Was it threatening?

A          The first few emails did not threaten as such but were "warnings" about me meeting David Farrant. Suggesting that he was a violent man and I would be in "danger" if I met him.

Q          Did you email back to this person (Mr Mandeville) as they were after all a complete stranger?

A          Well I did not reply as I thought something was not quite right - but did not want to respond.

Q          Did you receive more emails?

A          Yes...There was a daily email that kept saying I would be in " Danger." That i should not meet David Farrant. Then it changed. It started saying if I met DF it would be best if I did not mention any private conversations with    ***************   ( a certain person!!)

Q          Kev are you not going to say who Mandeville stated you were not to speak about to DF?

A          Correct, I will not say the name Mandeville mentioned (I defer to my legal team who are in possession of said emails in that regard) but he did say that if I did (mention the person to DF) then I could expect unpleasant consequences (blogs) to be posted on the internet.

Q          So, all was nice to start as you were being warned of "danger" but then it changed?

A          It started nice but the real Mandeville came out. Gone was the "threat of danger" which I was informed would come my way via DF, and it was now replaced with threats of blogs/internet postings against me if I revealed traits and aspects of a certain person and if  shared "information" and "photos."

Q          It is sounding a bit dark. But may I ask did you meet DF?

A          Yes David came round for Christmas dinner. Before that though he had posted another blog on his website. This caused a flurry of emails from Mandeville. Saying "you have been told" (not to meet DF) ... so the stranger was now trying to dictate to me via email as to what I was to do or not to do.

Q          Kev it sounds familiar! !f you get my drift? So you are still saying to me Kev you did not know who was sending you the emails??

A          Ha ha.......look: I am saying I had (here they are you can see them) emails from Sean Mandeville a person I have never met. He did know a lot about me and it appeared he knew more about David. I did not reply. Also they did not reach a point where a legal situation was required.
The emails were worded carefully.

Q          So Kev, David has xmas dinner with you?

A          Yes

Q          What happened next?

A          The next day there were blogs posted about our dinner. So the threats of these by Sean Mandeville proved to be correct. Since then there have been more or less daily blogs on me .

Q          You are not the only person to have had hate-blogs; there are others (no names here but there are quite a number) who have met a certain person!!  Then the pattern starts ... the falling out, then the person is subjected to hate-blogs by a number of "names" attached to these blogs on the internet. So you fall in to this now.

A          Yes I do but with more than the usual  hate blogging ... I took to blogging, myself, to expose the person for what he really is and has been for at least 40 years.

I knew what would happen but felt it was worth it so decent people could see .

It has been difficult as so much hate comes out of this person. It was well hidden from me for many years but it came out when the nazi shrine was shown and the person came right out from then was unpleasant to watch but it forced me to break contact … the rest you know now.

Q          Does Mandeville ever email?

A          Not Mandeville but I have had other "names" email me ... old Manders must be surfing the internet these days, maybe barging into forums to try and have them shut down or telling people what to do and what not to do.

I do wonder whatever happened to Mr Mandeville? Perhaps he is taking tea and crumpets in Southbourne with Messers Vambery, Hastehufvud, and Thane. His IP address certainly indicates that they share an office together in the Bunkerlow. There is a lot that Kev could mention about Mr Thane, and his great legal acumen. But that will have to wait for another Kev-erview.

So for now (and don’t forget that you can always ask questions!)


Monday, 11 February 2013

Tales from The Bunkerlow

Greetings all, Raggety here! 

Firstly I would like to say to Kev....

Today is a very special day for Kev's blog as he has achieved a massive  

3000 HITS!!!

I am always proud of Kev, but today even more so! Keep up the good work Kev!

Kev has been wading through the emails he has received since he gave his last couple of Answers. He will be answering as many of these as he can individually very soon. In the meantime as so many of you have asked similar questions I had a good idea ...and I asked Kev how he would feel about publishing some of his working notes and diary entries which would give people a feel for life inside the Bunkerlow so that they might gain a better understanding of the bizarre stage on which events relayed in this blog were played out ... and fortunately he agreed! 

Therefore I am proud to introduce ... 





Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Hello everyone Raggety here..


First and without delay...thank you, thank you … for your many emails since the first blogs went up. Let me state firstly that these have not been forgotten. I did originally advise Kev to hold back on revealing too much of his vast archive of memories – including the sometimes hilarious illustrations which accompany these – but now we feel the time has come to share these joys with the world at large in their entirety. Indeed – now Kev and I have a bit more time on our hands he intends to begin answering them all for you forthwith. Today, in fact!

Kev and I have been busy around various countries with triathlon coaching business. I have, although I admit not been attentive to the blog, been diligent in monitoring for Kev all the lies told about him on the internet. And have more importantly been monitoring all the interest in Kev’s career and his forthcoming autobiography, serialised in part on the original blogs. And now we are BACK – with answers to all your questions, updates on Kev, his work for me and the travels of many months.

But back to your emails, which have come in from the UK and Europe, and from as far afield as the USA, Australia and New Zealand. Again, we both thank you all for the many queries which we will start to answer here with frequent blogs to cover all your many questions.

I hope you all know you can trust us when we assure you that the content of your emails which are not intended for publication, as well as – of course – your personal information - will be kept private.

If anyone else out there has any questions for Kev then please do fire away –we promise to keep this blog updated as often as possible, and are wading through Kev's bulging mailsack as we type ...



Indeed, kindly post your question, query or concern on this blog's comments (immediately below) and Kev shall address it here. He only asks that you do not refrain from posting links to other sites where these are relevant, and do not feel the need to sign off with your real Christian name ~ or your name in full should you prefer ~ rather than post anonymously. Sign off however you like! Kev has no reason to harvest your personal information, unlike some more Bonky people out there!



But enough of that. Now … let us begin,